Yoga Workout Clothes

If you are looking for high fashion yoga workout clothes that are also comfortable, here are the styles and brands that I recommend:

All of the top brands of yoga clothes are beginning to recognize that women do more in their clothes than just yoga. Statistically, women who do yoga are also participating in more and more physical activities outside of yoga, and they want their clothing to be able to transition from activity to activity. Many yoga classes are held in gyms and fitness centers. More and more, women are electing to warm up before class or participate in another activity after class.

The major brands of workout yoga clothes are beginning to use state-of-the-art apparel technology when constructing their clothes. These brands are holding their shape and fabric colors better than ever through the extensive wear and tear and frequent washes. Seams that don’t unravel coupled with figure-flattering styles are causing a spike in sales for workout clothes for yoga participants that also participate in other activities.

As a mother of 3 and an active fitness model and spokesperson for my women’s protein powder, Tiara Protein, I spend all day in fitness clothes, so I need them to be stylish and transition from the gym to a lunch meeting. Many of the women I speak with every week are maximizing their time during the day by utilizing their lunch hour at work to get in a workout. Whether it’s in the parking lot or an empty conference room, women are spending 30-minutes to help change their bodies for the better. Those lucky few may even have company gym’s within their work places.

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Yoga clothes tend to be very modest and comfortable and blend in when women decide to put them on mid-day, even in a corporate environment. Online shopping for workout clothes or yoga clothing has always been my preferred method, since you can find a larger variety to choose from than in any local store.

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