Comfortable Sports Bras – Tiara’s Favorites!

I have spent years trying to find the best quality and most comfortable sports bras.  I have always said that womens sports bras and athletic shoes are the foundation of a great workout or activity.  Now you won’t have to waste any of your time researching where to buy high quality comfortable sports bras! I have created a collection of well-constructed top brands to help save you time and money.  If you are looking for a nylon sports bra, a plus size sports bra, a camo sports bra or anything in between, I have it here for you!  I am constantly updating the site with the best prices and brands I can find.

When I search for comfortable sports bras, I factor in everything from construction and materials to brand and styling.  Using a properly fitting well-constructed sports bra during exercise can help prevent back problems associated with a poorly fitting bra.  These are my favorite brands that are the best quality, have the hottest styles and lowest prices!

Comfortable sports bras Comfortable sports bras Comfortable sports bras
Comfortable sports bras Comfortable sports bras Comfortable sports bras
Comfortable sports bras Comfortable sports bras Comfortable sports bras

Comfortable sports brasWhy do I need a sports bra?

A recent statistic cited that despite the recent boom in sales of exercise wear, up to 75% of women are wearing a poorly fitting sports bra for exercise. This can cause breast and back pain.

Breasts are made up primarily of fatty tissue supported in large by skin and fragile non-elastic ligaments called Cooper’s ligaments. During repetitive or high impact sports the breasts bounce and pull on the ligaments, which forces them to stretch.
Once these ligaments have stretched it becomes every woman’s nightmare: sagging breasts.

Running or exercising without a bra causes the average woman’s breasts to move 10cm.  Wearing a regular bra will reduce that by 32%, while wearing a sports bra can reduce breast movement by 55%.

Where did womens bras originate?
In 1977 2 women joggers invented the first sports bra by sewing two jock straps together.  Since then, the bras have evolved into high-tech support garments made by a selection of companies from a variety of materials.  I have researched the best manufacturers and brand and listed them for you.  The goal was to find the best and most comfortable sports bras.

Buy Womens Sports Bra – What I wear…

Comfortable bras are a daily staple in my wardrobe and I wear two of them stacked on top of each other every day.  I counted them today and I currently own 48 sports bras of varying brands, types and styles.  Stacking two sports bras on top of each other was something I started to do in college out of necessity.  Having larger breasts created a lot of discomfort when I exercised, and at the time there weren’t a selection of state-of-the-art sports bras available like there are now.

By stacking 2 bras together, I created the support I needed.  Over the years I discovered bras that were perfectly supportive as a single bra, but out of habit it became my signature workout style to always wear two comfortable sports bras every day!

Comfortable sports brasI store them on belt hangers and hooks that I bought from the local Target store.  Here is a sample of how they are stored in my closet so I can see what I have and access them quickly:




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